Saturday, November 16, 2013

I just got done with a vampire novel.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight Series and then attempted to read a spin off soon afterwards, and well, it was terrible, absolutely terrible.  Bella Forrest's pretty cover on her book, A Shade of Vampire, has caught my attention for awhile now.  They say readers have to see a cover multiple times before deciding to purchase it.  Well, that is true for this reader (me) for this particular book.  I had the time today, so I decided to start the book and I finished it within a few hours.  It's not a long book, I think only 150-some pages, but it was very well written. 

This brings me to the question at hand as I go to the book I'm currently writing, what is it about strong alpha men that lure us in as women readers?  No matter how many different ways you come across it, the characters' names are different but their personalities very similar, it's still intriguing each and every time. 

Is it a kind of forbidden love between the two of them that grips onto our emotions and pulls us in until we can literally feel their pain, their love, their everything together?  Do these kind of men actually exist in real life?

I think back on Emry Logan and Anna James, the characters in my Strange in Skin Trilogy, and think his character is very much the same.  He's strong, powerful, hot-headed and just plain hot.  Anna is the epitome of the female role. 

And onto the characters I'm currently writing about in a series not yet titled, Draco, the male character very much fits this type of male personality.  He's dark, mysterious, strong ... But then there's Sarenah, and unlike a weaker female character, she has her own strengths, temper and almost a coldness when it comes to Draco.  It's fun to switch it up a little, but nevertheless, I find I am one of those female readers myself, sucked into another love story where the man is a monster whose soft side is only unveiled by the one he loves. 

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