Friday, April 11, 2014

A snippet from my current project...

If you're keeping up with me at the moment, I have a couple of projects going on right now.  I'm thinking 3 more books this year, if all goes well, possibly 4 if things go REALLY smooth, but you know how time goes.... too fast. 
The project that is at the forefront right now is my very first paranormal adolescent book.  An idea seemed to literally smack me in the face today, so I'm rolling with it and about 5 chapters deep already.  Here's a little piece of it I put up on my FB page this morning.  As I said on there, keep in mind, it's totally unedited ...
           Maybe I should redirect the conversation, get them to think about something other than me and whatever problem it seemed like I had created for everyone from my mere existence.  “So, how long have you guys been in this orphanage?”

          “Orphanage?” the boy repeated, exchanging looks with his friends.

          “All our lives,” the girl quickly said.

          I looked down at my food.  They were lying.  I needed to ask them more questions.  “How many kids are here like us?”

          “None like you,” the girl snapped.

          “Cadence, ease up,” one of the boys said to her.

          “Nice to meet you, Cadence.”

          “Thanks a lot, now she knows my name.”

          “She’s going to be here awhile, we should make the best of it.”

          “We were told to interact with her as little as possible, remember?”

          I held up my hand.  “Hey, I’m here right beside you.  I’m able to hear you, you know.”

          They all stared at me again.

          I sighed.  “I didn’t ask to be here, you know.”

          “Yeah, well, neither did we,” one of the boys stated.

          “What about Lydic?” I asked.

          “What about him?”

          I swallowed the piece of food in my mouth and folded my hands in front of me on the table.  “Aren’t you friends with him?”

          One of the boys made a snorting noise.

          “No?”  I raised my eyebrows. 

          Cadence narrowed her eyes at me.  I could’ve sworn there were flames within them, she hated me that much.  “We don’t want to talk about Lydic or you or anything to do with either one of you.”

          “Yeah, you’re going to bring evil to all of us here.”

          “Evil?  What are you talking about?  I’m not evil.”

          Cadence rolled her eyes.  “You should’ve never been saved.  You should’ve been left in the woods to die!”