Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dating Game - I Call Her Psycho

Meet Cain Bastian.  He's the main character of my new upcoming series The Dating Game.  Book 1 is titled I Call Her Psycho

Cain's parents are rich.  They had him when they were older, and he's never quite felt like he's fit in with them or their lifestyle.  They're socialites.  He's a bartender, and he doesn't even own the bar he works in. 

He's not gorgeous, and he doesn't dip into any of his parents' money, yet girls try to get close to Cain because his last name is Bastian.  He's a one night stand kind of guy. 

Now he's turned 30.  All of his buddies are settling down and getting married.  His one inexperience is relationships.  He's never allowed himself to get close to anyone, but he's wondering if he should give it a go, see what all the fuss is about in the game called dating.  He's cocky, really sarcastic and has the worst kind of reputation, and he's about to attempt to give up being a bachelor. 

I am loving writing this book.  Cain Bastian is all of my male friends wrapped up into one guy.  It's refreshing to write from a man's point of view.  I'll share more later ...

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  1. I liked the world creating as well. It makes the story really interesting. Although this dating games are with three bachelors, to be honest, I think it's obvious she will end up with Mal. I would be beyond surprised if she completed up with Nikolai.