Friday, December 13, 2013


Here you go.  Here's an excerpt from the new fantasy novel I'm working on.  Let me know your thoughts!

             He took a step closer to me again.  I backed up.  Amusement danced in those eyes of his. 

          “Surely, you’re not afraid of me?”

          Forbidden was more like the term that came to mind.  We weren’t to interact with creatures of the dark, and likewise, they with us. 

          I knew I should reveal to him my name, but I didn’t want to.  I wasn’t thinking clearly.  My head seemed to be filled with fog. 

          I wondered why he didn’t at least take me as a creature of the light.  Perhaps it was my enormous wings the color of coal tucked in securely to my back.  They always gave me the appearance of being a darker shade than the other angels.  I could only make the assumption that this Draco took me as one of his own.

          His hands grabbed onto my waist and pulled me forward into his chest. 

          “Draco … no,” I whispered.

          “Say it again,” he pleaded, his lips gliding across the top of my forehead as he spoke.

          The energy I felt within me being next to him was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  It engulfed every inch of me.

          “Say what?” I asked, completely aware of how close our faces were.

          He chuckled, the noise radiating into his chest that I now realized I had both of my hands pressed against.

          “My name.”

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