Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cover Reveal day is finally here!  I have been waiting patiently (well somewhat) to show everyone the beautiful cover created by Stefanie Fontecha at Beetiful

I would like to thank Debra at Book Enthusiast Promotions for organizing the Cover Reveal and for all of the many bloggers that participated. 
It is starting to feel like I need a whole team to put all of this together, and it's wonderful to know I have so many talented people to back me up!
I know Wendy is probably just as excited as I am for the release of our book, which will be February 23.  I just handed the manuscript over into the hands of the editor tonight.  It's pretty much on cruise control right now.  I'll probably take a few weeks off writing and spend some time reading ...
What else?  What else?  I feel like I have so much going on!
We are having a cover reveal giveaway for the next few days.  You can enter to win a beautiful custom made leather book mark made by the lovely Kat over at Klockwerk Kreations
You can enter that here:  Evanescent Cover Reveal Giveaway
Oh, and we have created The Sempiternal Fan Page to keep you updated on all Sempiternal news and giveaways.  We plan on having a lot of fun on the page, so join us here:  The Sempiternal Fan Page
I think that's all for now!  Phew! :)  Don't forget to check out Evanescent on February 23!


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