Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I've been getting a lot of messages and questions concerning A Magic Within, so I'll address most of them here.  The book was written for my niece, who is 11, so it's directed more at a middle school age group.  I am so thrilled to hear that adults are loving it also.  So the age factor of the kids in the book are pre-teen which is why there is no love story.  There is, however, the potential for a love story later on, which brings me to the next question, that yes, A Magic Within is going to be a series.  So any unanswered questions or details you have from reading the book, if you felt certain things were incomplete, it's because it wasn't time to reveal that particular twist or secret yet. It's low key and no foul language or love scenes because of the age group that it was written for.  Feel free to ask me anything else that you're wondering about the book.  I love getting all of these questions and love that you're reading my new release! <3

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