Friday, October 18, 2013

Busy, Busy

This week has been busy, but productive.  I finally got my hands on the final copy of paperback for Solace.  They look AMAZING.  I cannot wait to order them myself.  There are going to be links on my website for all paperbacks so you can order directly from me.  I will sign each book and you can even let me know if you want a specific message written in it, and I'll get those mailed out as soon as an order comes in.  I hope to have bookmarks and Strange in Skin Trilogy book thongs on there as well. 

What else...

Well, I had been toying with some ideas in my head about the Strange in Skin Trilogy.  Should I get new covers for Strange in Skin and Evadere to match Solace OR have a trailer made.  I have 2 month blog tour coming up from November 4 through January 2, so covers it is.  Stefanie Fontecha came through again.  I LOVE these covers, and I'm so glad everyone else is approving of them also! 

I've also been busy writing my new series, The Dating Game.  I don't want to give away too many details yet, but it's so funny and so sarcastic.  Every time I sit down and write more, I am busting out laughing.  I have no idea where this character came from, probably a mix of the male friends I've had over the years combined into one ugly man who thinks he's gorgeous.  I'll give more away in the coming weeks. 

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