Friday, October 4, 2013

Cover Designer

If you're an author, one of the most crucial parts of publishing your book is your cover designer.  I have to admit, I was sweating bullets a little bit when thinking up a Solace cover in my head, how exactly it was going to look and what my readers were going to think.  I didn't want it to be boring.  I wanted it to stand out while portraying the story of Solace. 

I want to share with you today a designer I stumbled upon on Facebook, and boy, am I ever glad I did.  This designer is the best of the best, reasonable prices, wonderful to work with, and I will be going back to work her.  Even in just browsing her sample covers that are pre-designed, there isn't one that isn't totally awesome.

Designer Stefanie Fontecha is the creator of Beetiful Book Covers, custom and pre-designed.  When I first contacted her about a cover for Solace, she told me she wouldn't be able to get back to me for a couple hours.  A couple hours?!  I was fully expecting to have heard a few days, but I could certainly handle a few hours.  She is very prompt, and coming from Mrs. Impatient here, yours truly, a few hours was great. 

Here's the great job she did with the Solace cover:

I was curious to know a little bit more about Stefanie and what she's been working on.  This is straight from the designer herself:

"I love books! Books are my number one source for procrastination. I also love graphic design. I created my first website 16 years ago, the summer after 7th grade. I've been in love with design ever since. I decided to combine my two passions and created Beetiful which offers graphic design services for authors and their books. Beetiful officially launched in August 2013. In the last two months since launching, I've been a busy bee. I've designed 7 book covers for authors (not to mention the 100+ pre-designed book covers offered on my website) and launched the first Beetifully designed book website. Currently, I'm working on the first Beetifully designed author website which I'm extremely excited about. I'm not going to announce who this author is until the website is launched, but I'll give you a clue: he's won multiple literary awards including the Printz award. Check back with Beetiful in a week or so to find out who!" - Stefanie Fontecha

She makes websites, book covers, Facebook covers, web ads, book marks, etc.  You can find Beetiful online at  Beetiful book covers can be found at and Beetiful webs can be found at  Beetiful has 2 Facebook pages:  Beetiful Facebook Page and Beetiful Book Covers Facebook Page.  Beetiful is also on Pinterest. 

I have her working on a small project for me right now and look forward to more covers from this awesome designer.  I'll be checking back with her to see just which author's website she has been making.  Let me know what you think of her covers and go give her a like on Facebook.  TGIF everyone!

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